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Five Stars Across The Board

By John O'Haver

Last modified: February 15, 2023

Client Satisfaction is the Key to Success

For any business out there, client satisfaction is the key to success. Whether you’re in the B2C or B2B industries, it’s extremely important to make sure that your clients are happy. A high client approval rate means strong customer loyalty and retention, and here at Go Answer, we know how to ensure just that.

Located in Garden City, New York, we are a world-class outsourced solutions company that offers bilingual voice services to clients across the world. Named best pick for inbound call center services according to Business News Daily, we understand how vital it is for companies to make sure that their customers are satisfied and at ease. Working in the legal industry, we take pride in our mission to support small businesses and professionals.

Just recently, our client gave our team stellar ratings for our services on Clutch. They gave us five stars across the board.

Clutch is an established B2B review and market research platform that publishes credible content to help businesses know more about countless service providers. Go Answer is a top B2B provider on the platform, and we’re delighted to see another review from our present clients.

What Did They Say?

An analyst from Clutch personally conducted an interview with the founder of a Pensacola, Florida-based law firm to gather insights regarding our ongoing call center services engagement. 

The client hired us back in October 2020 to provide professional answering services. They needed a partner that can answer questions and ask questions to callers. Considering that their business is in the legal industry, it’s crucial to nail all answers to uphold the integrity of their firm. 

When the Clutch analyst asked about the impact of our services, the client said that the quality of leads they’re getting has improved since they’ve onboarded. 

“Our quality of leads has gone up substantially and we’ve been able to get more conversions from people. Some of them who’ve gone through Go Answer have even become our clientele. When they call, they know that we’re a legitimate firm that cares greatly about giving a high level of service to every single customer —that’s why we partnered with a great answering service.” — Lead Attorney & Founder, Law Firm

The Clutch analyst also asked the founder what he was most impressed with regarding his partnership with Go Answer.

“I believe Go Answer’s work makes us look more prestigious, conscientious, and professional. I think there’s a high level of professionalism that we demonstrate by having a partner like Go Answer. We’re impressed with how even-keeled their representatives are. Their team has also been really good at talking to people who are already upset even before calling us.”

This type of feedback helps us recognize what we’re doing right and identify which areas we can further improve upon. This is the key to ensuring continued client satisfaction. To see what other Go Answer clients are saying, head over to our Clutch profile

Aside from our strong presence on Clutch, we are also featured on The Manifest, a known business blog platform dedicated to the IT, marketing, and business services sectors.

According to The Manifest, Go Answer is among the highest-performing answering services in the globe. We are taken away by the prestigious praise and we are thankful for everyone who helped us achieve this.

Want to hire a five-star team? Go Answer can change your life. Get in touch with us and let’s work together.