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Long Island Ceo Leads Global Fight Against Customer Service Zombies!

By John O'Haver

Last modified: February 15, 2023

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It sounds like something from a CEO’s worst nightmare: a siege of disinterested and unskilled staff causing irreparable damage to the reputation of thousands of American businesses, turning away once-loyal customers in droves.

The problem is it’s not a nightmare. It’s real. It’s happening to Fortune 500 companies, and to local businesses too. And it could be happening to yours.

The business landscape of America has witnessed an unrelenting rise of unskilled and disinterested contact center agents, handling customer queries and complaints with vagueness and indifference, with little ability or desire to help.

Compounding this problem are automated answering services which lurk at the end of many helplines, ready to drain every drop of hope from customers innocent enough to believe that their ‘…call is important…’

Welcome to the dawn of the Customer Service Zombie and the Answering Machine Vampire, a deadly duo of dullness that could cause irreparable damage to the reputation of your business.

For one rising Long Island CEO, however, enough is enough.

Enter Adam Alovis, CEO of Go Answer.

Hailing from a family of successful entrepreneurs, Adam is a man on a mission to save American businesses from the relentless march of the customer care zombie.

Adam’s solution was ambitious: to start a new type of advanced contact center using incredibly friendly staff who not only enjoy helping customers but are expertly trained to handle many types of inquiries, including legal matters.

Go Answer has grown quickly, from humble beginnings as a 24/7 answering service to a true extension of the companies it represents.

Has Go Answer been recognized for excellence? You bet. From calling them the “The Best Call Center Service” to Crain’s dubbing them the “Coolest Thing To Ever Happen To Call Centers”, it’s safe to say that Go Answer is aiming to win.

Whether you’re an eCommerce company in need of overflow during a busy season, a home services company requiring dispatching support after-hours, or a law firm needing exceptional talent for legal intake – Go Answer will deliver outstanding results.

Adam has written a guide: “How To Choose a Contact Center That Genuinely Helps Your Customers (& Protects Your Business’s Reputation) In 9 Easy Steps!” That we’re going to share below!

How To Choose a Contact Center That Genuinely Helps Your Customers (& Protects Your Business’s Reputation) In 9 Easy Steps!

Step 1: Make Sure Your Call Center Provides 24/7/365 Service.

Small businesses often face obstacles that their larger competitors don’t have to worry about. But providing exceptional customer service doesn’t have to be one of them. And in today’s global market, customers may require help at literally any time of day or night – so it makes sense that you should provide a service that will be there for them when they need it.

Step 2: Make Sure Your Contact Center Offers Bilingual Answering Services

No escaping this one. The language of business might be English, but it would be an oversight to think that many of your customers can speak this. America is an exciting melting pot of many languages and cultures, let alone the rest of the world, so it’s essential to consider a contact center that provides bilingual services.

Step 3: Make Sure Your Contact Center Understands Your Business

You work hard to build your business, to secure its reputation and the best level of customer care possible. So it makes sense when you’re looking for a contact center that they understand your business’s ethos and vision from the get-go.

Step 4: Make Sure The Contact Center Uses Highly Trained & Polite Staff

First impressions leave lasting impressions. It’s essential that the staff handling the inquiries, calls, and questions are not only educated and polite but that they receive specialist training and skills required for multiple departments and businesses. Being able to handle specialist queries at the drop of a hat will set your business apart from your competitors.

Step 5: Make Sure The Contact Center Uses Real Humans

Just because a competitor boasts about their ‘bot’s answering prowess doesn’t mean you have to follow suit. Sure, bots have their uses – building cars and working in factories. Your customers need to know they’re talking to another human at the end of the line, to reassure them. So dump the bots, use a contact center that uses real humans instead, and see how this secures long-term custom and your business’s reputation.

Step 6: Make Sure The Contact Center is Omni-Channel

Think sticking an answer-machine at the end of your customer support line will save you time and money? Wrong. In today’s global market your business needs to be reached in multiple ways to remain competitive. Make sure the contact center provides up-to-date communication services, such as SMS, Email, Web Chat, Ticketing, and of course Live Calls. And if this is bilingual, then all the better.

Step 7: Make Sure The Contact Center Has An App So You Can Monitor How They’re Helping Your Business

Contact centers don’t just have to provide exceptional service to your customers. They have to be there for you, too. Make sure they provide an easy-to-use mobile app, so you can see important stats and data about the smooth running of your business, at the touch of a button.

Step 8: Make Sure The Contact Center Offers A Risk-Free Trial Offer

You wouldn’t buy a car without test driving it first. The same applies to the contact center. It’s only fair that they prove themselves to you and your business first, so make sure they offer risk-free trials so they can show their worth.

Step 9: Make Sure The Contact Center Understands The Cost Of ‘Missed Calls’

If this draws blank stares from the management of the contact center you’re looking at, then heed our advice: walk away immediately. Long gone are the days of an apathetic response to missed calls. Good contact centers understand missed calls are missed opportunities – the repercussions of missing just one felt by your business where it matters most: loss of repeat custom and profits. Prevent this from happening to you by ensuring the contact center understands this intuitively.

Enter ‘Go Answer’, Long Island’s top Answering Service. Started in 2012 by the Alovis family, Go Answer deals with emails, calls, SMS, and even legal matters for multiple businesses across the world.

The awards and plaudits speak for themselves as Go Answer strives to change the way contact centers do business in the modern age. Rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau, awarded 9.5 by Trust Pilot, with multiple happy customers of their own from all over the world, Adam Alovis’ vision and the team behind Go Answer look set to remove the threat of the Customer Service Zombie and the Answering Machine Vampire, once and for all!