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Why A Small Business Needs An Answering Service Around Holidays

By John O'Haver

Last modified: February 15, 2023

The holiday season is hectic for everyone. No matter how many employees you have, there are sometimes not enough hands on deck to answer the phone. When no one answers the call, you can miss appointments and lose sales opportunities.  

Callers often don’t leave voicemail messages and hang up after the second or third ring, moving on to call a competitor. Hiring an answering service for your small business before the holidays is a great way to relieve stress on employees, attract new clients, and prevent the loss of current ones.

A small business answering service is a great investment for a year-round, low-maintenance client communication solution. There is no better way to ensure that your calendar is full, that money is coming in, and to set the stage for a successful year. That’s where services like Go Answer come in.

Why Does My Small Business Need An Answering Service?

Small firms frequently struggle to provide round-the-clock customer service because they lack the workforce and resources to address customer questions and concerns. Without a business representative to talk to, customers become dissatisfied or move on.

However, there is a solution. An answering service staffed by virtual receptionists can help keep your clients in touch. Without investing in full-time receptionists, your company can provide prompt and effective customer service by using an answering service. 

Virtual receptionists answer your company’s phone calls, texts, emails, and other digital communications. Your small business can have an affordable solution and offer the same level of convenience and customer support as a larger competitor.

Go Answer services include:

  • The industry’s quickest pickup times
  • Free Trial for 30 Days
  • Small or medium business answering services
  • Dependable, competent, courteous virtual receptionists
  • Access to AlwaysOn, our mobile app for iOS and Android devices, at no cost to you
  • Bilingual answering service available around the clock
  • Compliance with HIPAA standards for medical practitioners

Benefits of Small Business Answering Services Around the Holidays

A study of consumer contact statistics found that after finding a business online, 60% of customers prefer to call small businesses on the phone to learn more. Many business owners may underestimate the value of phone calls regarding their small business marketing and sales.

Live Operators Answer Your Calls

Real people will respond to your customers when you use an answering service, which is ideal for consumers who want to speak with a human being rather than a machine. Around the holidays, this can be a benefit when customers are in a hurry to get answers to their questions.

Operators Can Perform the Same Duties as Your Employees

An answering service operator can competently perform the same duties as your current employees. The modern answering service is more than just a message taker. An answering service frees your employees to handle onsite duties that are more urgent during the holiday season.

The operators can make appointments, send urgent messages, and troubleshoot simple problems over the phone with the help of company-specific scripts.

Call Forwarding is Completely Flexible

Your small business answering service can be turned on or off anytime. Even though services are accessible around the clock, you may not always need their assistance.

Your phone has a call forwarding option that you can use to divert calls to an answering service, if necessary, and disable again if you no longer require it. During the holidays, your small business answering service can be available or turned off, and you won’t have to worry about under or overscheduling your work staff to man the phones.

Answering Service Operators Are Always Standing By

With an answering service, your customers can reach a real person whenever they need help.

A live voice can help get leads and turn them into customers. While an answering machine can’t close the deal, a live operator can. During the holiday rush, this can be an invaluable service.

Lower Your Operating Costs Around The Holidays with an Answering Service for Your Small Business

Companies that hire a physical receptionist on staff have not only the additional costs of salary and benefits for a full-time employee but the overhead of providing desk space and other amenities for them.

Using an answering service means you simply pay for the agreed-upon pricing bundle and not the staff wages or benefits. As a result, you can save a ton of money on high-quality answering services while expanding your company’s available support hours. 

Reducing operating costs around the 4th quarter holiday season can make a big difference in your profit margin.

Answering Services Can Handle Incoming and Outgoing Calls

An answering service can be useful if you are experiencing problems getting in touch with potential customers. During the holiday season, you can have your answering service call a client to let them know an appointment has become available or an item they want has been recently restocked.

Less Need for Temporary Employees During The Holidays

Temporary workers are an additional expense that becomes important to many businesses around the holiday season. However, they won’t be available  24/7. You can avoid the time and expense of hiring and training new employees to answer the phone.

If your telephone business is particularly busy around the holidays, you can rely on an answering service to handle those calls.

Contact A Small Business Answering Service For Help Around The Holidays

The holiday season can dramatically impact a company’s financial success or failure. This is especially true for smaller companies with a different exposure than their larger counterparts. 

During the holiday season, your company is likely to interact with a large number of new potential customers. To ensure that these potential customers have a favorable impression of your company, you must answer every call professionally. 

Consider hiring an answering service to handle incoming calls. Taking care of client calls frees up your staff to work on other projects so they can close out the year strong. Go Answer can ensure that each and every client receives the courteous and friendly help they require.