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10 Benefits Of A Law Firm Virtual Receptionist

By John O'Haver

Last modified: February 15, 2023

The success of your law firm depends on how you build new and existing relationships with clients. Establishing a virtual receptionist guarantees seamless communication between your firm and your clients. Continue reading to learn about 10 ways that a law firm virtual receptionist can benefit your business.

Capture More Leads with Ease

When a potential client calls a law firm, there is an opportunity to generate new business. A virtual receptionist can capture new customers and direct them accordingly, transforming them into long-term clients. This also saves you valuable time by filtering callers who are less likely to rely on your law firm.

Law firm virtual receptionists undergo excellent training to hone their skills. This ensures they are well-versed in legal issues and can quickly respond to a new client’s questions.

Responding to clients as soon as possible makes them feel appreciated. It can be frustrating when you have to transfer a caller, or a client cannot reach you when they need your help. With a virtual receptionist, clients can quickly communicate with a real person and have their issues transferred to the right department.

Easily Schedule Meetings

You can give your virtual receptionists access to your work schedule and allow them to schedule appointments according to your availability. This will help your schedule to run smoothly with minimal delays, which, in turn, will translate to happy clients who feel valued by you.

You can also allow your virtual receptionist to confirm appointments with your clients so that no time is wasted. This personal touch helps avoid any confusion that might arise.

Cut Down Your Costs

Hiring a full-time, in-house receptionist requires interviewing different candidates and paying them full-time salaries and benefits. This can cost up to $50,000 per year.

If you compare this with the cost of hiring a virtual receptionist, you’ll be saving much more than you might think. Virtual contact centers provide different ways to pay for their services. This allows enough flexibility to negotiate a reasonable sum that is considerably lower than the cost of hiring a full-time employee.

Make Your Business Appear Professional

Having a virtual receptionist shows that you’re running a professional law firm. After all, a person calling a law firm is looking for a lawyer who will win their case. No one would want to be associated with a firm with poor communication skills, as this indicates a lack of professionalism.

Easily Customizable to Your Needs

You can customize your services to meet your needs when hiring a live receptionist, such as providing scripted responses that the receptionist uses when a client calls or having them forward your calls to you. You can also choose a combination of both, depending on the issue raised by the client.

Guarantee Efficiency

Law firms must still hire full-time assistants to handle all the paperwork. Hiring a law firm virtual receptionist relieves the burden of answering calls and allows your assistants to focus on other things.

Virtual receptionists can also transfer calls to the right people. This is crucial for law firms whose attorneys specialize in different fields of law. In the end, there will be no confusion over who will handle a particular case presented by a client.

Connect with Remote Staff

Attorneys are not always found at their desks. They may be out in courthouses, speaking to witnesses, or researching cases. Therefore, you need ways to connect them with clients from wherever they are.

Virtual receptionists use technology that allows clients to reach out to remote attorneys. This is crucial when there are urgent matters requiring attention. It also ensures continuity of services even when the attorneys are unavailable, boosting new and existing clients’ confidence in your law firm.

Offer Bilingual Services

A key reason why law firms should hire virtual receptionists is the ability to provide bilingual services. It is important to be able to communicate with a wide range of clients, regardless of their native language. For instance, around 13% of Americans speak Spanish—a huge amount of potential clients.

With a law firm virtual receptionist that provides bilingual services, you can access a client base of different language speakers and communicate with them easily. People are more comfortable speaking with others in their native language. Offering bilingual services will create stronger attorney–client relationships and build rapport with your law firm.

Focus on Other Key Areas

Virtual receptionists assume all the roles associated with handling customer concerns, allowing you to focus on other matters. Responding to your customers’ concerns can consume your time and leave crucial issues unattended.

A law firm virtual receptionist will handle your customers’ calls and respond to their emails, enabling you to deal with crucial business functions. You’ll be more than capable of growing and expanding your business with the extra time on your hands.

Boost Your Online Presence

Virtual receptionists can quickly respond to your clients’ concerns on all your communication platforms. Therefore, they can help boost your law firm’s visibility.

It takes time to develop an online presence, even after posting great content online. It can be difficult to grow your online presence if you cannot promptly respond to your customers’ feedback or comments. Working with a virtual receptionist can help solve this.

Your law firm’s virtual receptionist will always communicate with your customers, boosting your online presence. They can also create relevant content that speaks to your clients’ needs, which ultimately translates to long-term clients.

Get a Virtual Receptionist for Your Law Firm Today

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