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How Do I Choose A Legal Answering Service?

By John O'Haver

Last modified: February 15, 2023

A report shows that law firms are experiencing high demand from clients in different sectors. The high demand for litigation and evolving work experiences are presenting law firms with numerous and growing challenges.

As a result, firms are seeking solutions to improve their operations and customer experiences through legal answering services. With the number of legal answering services today, you want to choose a service provider who will fulfill your needs. 
Go Answer is a leading legal answering service that could help you fulfill your practice’s needs. You can rest assured that the service provider takes care of all your clients on time and professionally.

The Definition of a Legal Answering Service

A legal answering service manages communication for law firms and attorneys. The following are tasks that a legal answering service may manage for law firms. 

  • Answering frequently asked questions
  • Noting and replying to text messages 
  • Capturing caller information 
  • Scheduling appointments 
  • Collecting details of new client leads 
  • Transferring calls 
  • Responding to emails 
  • Managing call volume 

Some legal answering service providers handle both inbound and outbound communication. This could help your practice generate new leads, potentially converting new clients in the long run. 

How a Legal Answering Service Works

While the legal answering service is not based in your office, it configures communication systems to handle your incoming calls. The team consists of professional receptionists trained to answer calls on behalf of legal firms. 

The live agents are prompt and friendly, with in-depth knowledge and experience in legal communications. When clients call, they speak to real people and receive quality feedback. There are no automated responses when dealing with answering services. 

Customers don’t need to leave messages since they deal with live agents who act as extensions of your law firm. The agents share accurate details of your law firm with the caller. You decide whether the calls or messages are transferred to you.

How to Choose a Legal Answering Service 

When researching legal answering services, it is essential to bear in mind the features of the right provider for you. You want a service provider that can help you achieve your communication goals. Below are elements to consider when partnering with a legal answering service. 

Availability of the Service Provider 

The agent should be available 24 hours daily, so you do not miss any calls. Missing calls means losing clients. When clients call and no one answers, they will likely move on to the next law firm. 

For this reason, hire a legal answering service with full availability. This ensures that every customer is attended to, no matter when they call. It also assures your customers that you are a reliable practice. 

Consider the Number of Agents Available 

If your clientele network is extensive, it is to your advantage to partner with a legal answering service with a number of agents. This way, you won’t have to worry about clients confronting automated messages. 

With multiple live receptionists, your clients’ calls and messages may be answered timely. This may increase business since, as agents attend to clients’ needs, clients are in a position to make quick and informed decisions.

Communication Channels and Solutions Offered 

A compatible legal answering service uses platforms that you are comfortable with. This aids collaboration between your team and the service provider. Be sure to review their communication channels and efficiency. 

Go Answer offers legal answering services through web chat, emails, telephone, and SMS. The telephone communication channel allows your customers to speak directly to agents and receive quality feedback in real-time. 

Bilingual Legal Answering

Apart from English-speaking clients, you may also want to offer your services to clients who do not understand or speak English. A report shows that English and Spanish are the leading languages spoken in the United States.

Therefore, hiring a bilingual legal answering service serves both English- and Spanish-speaking clients. This enables you to effectively attend to all your clients. Go Answer offers 24/7 bilingual support, meaning all your callers can receive feedback without a language barrier. 

Legal Answering Service Cost

The cost of hiring a legal answering service is another vital consideration. Each service provider charges different amounts depending on your call volume and the communication features or services you require. 

Choose a legal answering service that offers value and prevents money from being spent on in-house work. This boosts your customer service and gives you a higher return on investment in the long run. 

You should also know that some answering services may charge additional fees. Hence, it is prudent to analyze the service provider’s payment terms and policies before engaging them. Determine how they bill for calls and whether they round up or bill for the actual call time. 

Why Should You Choose Go Answer as Your Legal Answering Service? 

Many legal firms struggle with promptly handling customer requests. With increased competition in the industry, legal firms need to deploy workable strategies to manage all forms of communication with their clients.

Go Answer offers noteworthy legal answering services that enable small businesses to stay ahead of legal sector competition. Customers can now employ timely and quality services from expertly trained agents with in-depth knowledge in the industry. 

Customers can speak with agents in real-time through various channels and receive valuable feedback to make informed decisions. Go Answer’s legal services are 100% live and available 24/7 with real-time updates. Their agents are reliable, professional, and courteous. 

Contact Go Answer for an Exceptional Legal Answering Service

The business world is centered on the customer experience. Clients expect to reach out to your firm anytime they have an urgent issue. This is possible with an experienced legal answering service. Go Answer offers affordable legal answering services that may help your business grow. You won’t have to worry about missing client calls because the service is available 24/7. If you are looking for an exceptional legal answering service, contact us for assistance.