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5 Reasons Law Firms Are Going Digital With Virtual Receptionists

By John O'Haver

Last modified: February 15, 2023

In a business where time truly is money, saving time and making your law firm more efficient can make a big difference. A virtual receptionist is fast becoming a popular addition to the law office that needs more help fielding calls and handling phones.

A legal practice can improve operations, grow more quickly, and offer a client-focused service with the aid of legal virtual assistants. By fielding your telephone calls, booking meetings and appointments, and answering questions with a script that you customize, they can improve your efficiency and enhance customer service.

Here are just a few of the reasons law firms are turning to virtual receptionist services to improve the flow of their business.

1. Legal Virtual Reception Services Are Less Expensive Than In-House Staff

Many law firms choose to supplement their in-house staff with a virtual receptionist to avoid the expense of hiring, training, and paying an entirely new employee.

Legal virtual receptionists and contact centers are a great alternative to hiring a new full-time employee for your organization if you are not quite ready to expand your staff just yet.

Because they do not involve the cost of hiring and retaining dedicated in-office employees, these assistants can genuinely transform your business and save your legal firm money. In addition, this particular form of attorney answering service is available at any hour of the day or night.

2. A Virtual Receptionist Can Increase the Efficiency of Your Legal Practice

A virtual receptionist may handle call answering and call routing for you, eliminating the need for your assistant to do it. When you hire a virtual receptionist to handle phone calls, your assistant will have more time to focus on the in-house and legal tasks you require. 

Having a reliable method of communication and conducting business is crucial, and a virtual reception service that can be tailored to your needs is a great solution. This effective business solution is essential for a thriving practice.

3. Virtual Reception Answering Services Ensure That You Never Miss a Call

Calls are coming in, but you aren’t always there to take them. Or, you have an in-house receptionist, but they are out sick. Life happens in any workplace, and answering every call is sometimes impossible. 

This is not ideal because every call to a law office could be critical because people may need to speak with attorneys in an emergency. When the phones are busy, you might miss a call that could affect your next move.

Virtual receptionists are live operators who can answer the phone 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The calls can be screened for importance and patched through based on the standards you set with us.

4. You Can Take Advantage of More Leads and Opportunities With a Legal Virtual Receptionist

Nothing is more upsetting than missing a call and squandering a possible lead. And most of the time, folks will just contact another attorney or law company instead of leaving a voicemail. Never again will you lose a prospective client or overlook a call from a client. 

With the help of a legal virtual receptionist, you can quickly and easily capture callers’ information, screen incoming calls, set up meetings with potential clients, and be certain your important calls are not neglected.

5. You Can Continue Working While A Virtual Reception Service Takes Care of Your Calls

Your organization has only a certain amount of time on its hands on any given day. In addition, the legal work you do cannot be subcontracted out. Simply give a legal virtual reception service the go-ahead, and they’ll handle everything else. 

You can hire a virtual receptionist from us to assist you with client intake if you would like to spend more time nurturing your legal practice and less time on administrative activities. 

Trust that our knowledgeable virtual receptionist is managing all other concerns while you are on the phone with a client or in a meeting with one of your legal clients.

How Do Your Clients Benefit From a Virtual Receptionist?

When hiring new legal representation, clients are typically overwhelmed by the sheer number of available choices. They could be unsure of how to proceed or where to look for solutions to their questions. And if they dial in an urgent situation, we can make sure their call gets through.

All of these issues can be handled with the assistance of a legal answering service. We’ll help your callers get in touch with the resources they require to make educated decisions.

We’ll also do our best to ensure the satisfaction of your clients. They won’t get a busy signal or an answering machine when they call us. Instead, they’ll be able to have a conversation with a real person who can help them immediately.

A Virtual Receptionist From Go Answer Can Help To Build Trust

It’s far easier to build rapport, inspire client loyalty, and collect data from customers when a real person answers the phone. This is a simple strategy for getting more clients in the door and keeping your law office busy and productive.

The extra care you give your clients will be appreciated, and as a result, they will refer you to others. Our legal virtual reception service is here to relieve you of some of the stress of running a law firm.

Contact us today to find a customized solution for your law office and learn more about virtual reception services from Go Answer.