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An Answering Service Lets You Accept More HVAC Jobs

By John O'Haver

Last modified: February 15, 2023

Will an answering service let you accept more HVAC jobs? In general, these services make it easier for potential customers to get in touch with you while you stay focused on completing your work. 

Answering services provide a valuable service for HVAC contractors and business owners on the go. You don’t have to worry about missing a call and losing a customer when you have an answering service in your corner.  Find out more about the benefits of these services with our team at Go Answer. Call us or fill out our online contact form to get started.

How Do Answering Services Let You Accept More HVAC Jobs? 

Answering services help you take on more HVAC jobs in several different ways. Working with a professional answering service team ensures you: 

Never Miss Client Calls 

Missing a call from a client means you cannot accept a job. Unfortunately, many potential customers feel frustrated when they get an answering machine, and instead of leaving a message, they hang up and look elsewhere for service.  

Many HVAC business miss calls that:

  • Come in after regular business hours
  • Occur while technicians are working on another job
  • Come in during busy periods (like a lunch hour or first thing in the morning)

Keep in mind that around 80% of people hang up if they go to voicemail, meaning you’ll miss a lot of jobs if you miss calls. Even if a client leaves a voicemail, many people wait at least eight hours before checking voicemail. After an hour or two, your clients may seek help from someone else. 

With an answering service, you never have to miss these leads again. Trained operators take every call that comes through for your business, allowing your clients to talk to a real person and get answers to their questions or even set appointments. 

Have More Time to Complete Jobs 

Sitting by the phone and handling client calls can take a lot of time out of your day when you run an HVAC business. In addition, interruptions from phone calls make it harder for you to finish jobs for your current clients, which can prevent you from accepting additional work. 

HVAC phone answering services let you accept more jobs by handling these calls on your behalf. 

Catch Calls 24/7/365

HVAC issues can occur at any time of day. When a heating and cooling system stops working, your clients want and expect fast help. You can accept jobs that come in even in the middle of the night when you work with an HVAC answering service. 

Working with a service gives you the best of both worlds, as you can sleep without worrying about your phone while still catching all client calls and snagging more HVAC jobs. 

What Are Other Benefits of Working with an HVAC Answering Service?

An answering service lets you accept more HVAC jobs and offers your business additional benefits. Our skilled operators allow you to:

Save Money While Staying in Touch with Your Clients 

Some HVAC companies chose to hire a receptionist to field calls. However, this can quickly become expensive, especially regarding training workers. Additionally, your business will likely need to hire more than one employee to watch the phones 24/7. 

You can save money by outsourcing your communication needs to an answering service. We offer reliable care around the clock. You don’t have to worry about covering sick or vacation days when you work with an answering service. 

Make a Good Impression with Great Customer Service 

Good customer service can be the factor that encourages your clients to contact you next time they have an HVAC emergency. In addition, customers who feel valued are more likely to recommend your business to their friends and family, indirectly helping you get more HVAC jobs. 

Our trained technicians remain polite and friendly when fielding calls for your HVAC company. An answering service can make your business feel more professional and established to callers, further increasing their confidence in your HVAC services.  

Screen HVAC Client Calls 

An HVAC answering service can screen calls for you based on the criteria you select. Screening calls allows us to forward emergencies to you directly, decreasing the amount of time it takes you to respond to clients who need help right away. 

You can provide our team with customized scripting that helps us handle calls the way you want. In addition, we can answer questions for your clients, encouraging them to hire you so you can accept more HVAC jobs. 

How Do You Choose an Answering Service to Increase Your HVAC Jobs? 

Selecting the right answering service lets you accept more HVAC jobs, so how do you find the company that fits your needs? You can look for a company that offers the following: 

  • 24/7/365 phone answering services 
  • Bilingual responders to reach more HVAC customers 
  • Fast pickup times to ensure your clients don’t have to wait
  • Options to deliver messages to you and your HVAC technicians

Our team provides you with access to a free app available on Android and iPhone devices. You can view your messages at any time on the app and decide if you’d like us to deliver them by phone, text, or email. 

We also provide a 30-day risk-free trial, so you can sample the benefits of working with an answering service. 

Contact Us to Secure More HVAC Jobs with an Answering Service 

An answering service lets you accept more HVAC jobs by ensuring you don’t miss calls and helping you respond fast to potential clients. You can learn more about the services Go Answer offers by reaching out to us today. 

Get started by calling us or completing our online contact form.