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Ways To Use An Answering Service For Your Law Firm

By John O'Haver

Last modified: February 15, 2023

An answering service for your legal practice has several advantages. It might be difficult for lawyers to provide their undivided attention to a single case or client when they know that every one of their clients is expecting the same level of service. That’s a given ‘in the jungle,’ but it’s crucial to treat each customer like they’re the only one.

Using a professional legal answering service is a smart move that may help your business thrive and gain a positive reputation among clients. While you may have one or two employees whose primary responsibility is to meet visitors and answer phones, on days when you get an unusually high volume of calls, those employees may not be able to attend to every call immediately.

How Answering Services Help Law Firms Thrive?

An answering service for a legal firm deals with answering calls and taking messages for law firms around the clock. The staff collects messages and passes them along for further action. Here’s how an answering service can help your law firm thrive:

Availability Round the Clock

Most lawyers are known for working long hours. On those days when you have to get an early start or stay late to finish a case, you should avoid calls irrelevant to your job. 

Instead of having an in-house staff that leaves after an eight-hour shift, you may have an answering service that works around the clock.

Live Answering the Clients  

An automated message that reads, “we are unavailable right now. Please leave a message,” is one of the worst things. Your staff may be doing their best to assist potential clients, but if they feel you can’t help them straight away, they may reach out to another law firm.

Talking to a voicemail could drift some of your clients. Having a person answer your call or email first and welcome you with a kind and professional tone may set the tone for a positive interaction from the get-go.

Accessible Anywhere and Anytime

Answering services are available 24/7 and may be accessed from any location. After a long day in court or client meetings, you may check your messages and email from anywhere without returning to the office.

Some answering service providers may provide alerts through text messages, which allows you to rapidly reply even if you’re in the middle of a conference or hearing. 

On-Demand Trained Staff 

In the event of a major event or if the receptionist is off ill, the whole crew may be required to handle the phones on a particularly hectic day. A legal answering service can take care of a sudden influx of calls, allowing your staff to return their attention to other pressing matters.

Answer the Basic Questions

There is a high chance that you and your receptionist are fielding the same inquiries about the cases you accept, case assistance, and fees. Even if this data is already posted on your website, callers may not bother to hunt for it or read it. 

A contact center answering service may supply these pieces of information and then get the interested parties in touch with the member of your team for further discussion. 

Stay Ahead of Your Competition

Clients in desperate need of a service are less likely to consider several options carefully and more likely to choose the first provider that responds favorably. It’s an excellent general principle for lawyers and builders alike.

Consequently, callers may be willing to do business with you if you attend to them immediately instead of giving them a busy signal, sending them to voicemail, or replying to them hours after they leave a message.

Using An Answering Service for Your Law Firm

Answering service can help your law firm bring their A game, irrespective of your team size. Whether you are a solo law firm, medium size firm, or a large legal organization, you can use answering service to flourish in your industry. Here’s how you can use an answering service:

Appointment Scheduling

According to a study, English and Spanish are the two most commonly spoken languages in the United States. The answering service simplifies the process of making and keeping appointments. 

They sync up with your preferred scheduling software. You may set up consultation appointments with an answering service without picking up the phone.

Live Bilingual Answering 

You can rest assured that English and Spanish-speaking clients will be connected to a helpful and knowledgeable specialist. Both you and the people who call you will benefit from the bilingual answering service. It helps build trust and confidence in the law firm, which is how you will get more clients.

Customized for Your Law Firm 

Answering services offer a great deal of flexibility thanks to the unique software. You control when calls are answered, who gets transferred, and which are sent to voicemail.

Regular Updates & Notifications

Some answering service providers have an app that you can go to connect with the client. You can access your voicemails and other messages on the go with push alerts, text messages, and email delivery options, all on the app.

Contact Go Answer to Receive a Tailored Answering Service Plan

If you’re just getting started with customer support for your law firm or want to expand your answering services significantly, we can help you with a customized plan that fits your needs and budget. 

Please give us a call for a free quote and to learn more about how to get started with a professional answering service that won’t break the bank.