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What Is The Best Time Of The Year For Landscaping?

By John O'Haver

Last modified: February 15, 2023

Landscaping companies have a lot of disagreement about the best time of year for landscaping. While most agree that winter is the worst time to perform landscaping, there’s been heated debates as to whether fall, spring, or summer is the best season for lawn and garden maintenance.

At Go Answer, we’ve decided to step in and set the record straight regarding which time of year is optimal for landscaping. As we see it, the best time depends on your landscaping goals. Let’s take a closer look at some of the pros and cons of landscaping at different times of the year.

Best Seasons for Landscaping

Except for the winter, each season has different attributes that can help you provide excellent landscaping work. Without further ado, let’s learn about the advantages of landscaping in the fall, spring and summer.


Depending on your location’s placement on the USDA plant hardiness zone map, fall can be an excellent time to landscape a garden. The season’s milder temperatures make watering simpler, as evaporation is less likely. 

In the fall, you also don’t have to worry about frosts damaging newly planted flowers and plants. Since plants don’t have to spend nutrients on flowering or buds in the fall, this time of year is perfect for enhancing root systems.

Fall is also the easiest season for your employees to work, as it’s not too hot or cold outside. The forgiving temperatures make labor much less taxing. If your clients are looking for a garden makeover, fall might be the best time of year for their landscaping.


Spring is an ideal time of year for a number of different landscaping projects. Advise your clients to get their transplanting, fertilizing, mulching, and lawn care done at this time of the year. While there are several advantages to landscaping in spring, there are also several disadvantages.

Make sure to warn your clients that a sudden and unexpected heat wave in the spring could impact their landscaping work and damage their new plants. It’s also important to understand that trees haven’t fully developed their leaves at this time of the year, so you can’t be positive about where the shade will fall.

Make sure you’re cautious about placing certain plants near trees that have yet to grow their leaves fully. If you’re not careful, you could end up overshading a plant and failing to give it the sunlight it needs to thrive.


Summer is an excellent time to offer comprehensive landscaping overhauls, garden path landscaping, and patio work. You should advise your customers to stay away from planting in the summer, as the intense heat can cause their new flora to wilt and wither.

How to Improve Your Landscaping Services Any Time of the Year

You can spend hours analyzing the best time of the year to offer landscaping work, but your business won’t achieve the success it’s capable of if you don’t have a professional phone answering and scheduling team behind you.

Consider hiring an answering service like the one from Go Answer to give your business the boost it needs to get new clients and increase revenue. Working with a team of answering specialists can help you outsource a variety of tasks that are probably weighing your business down and stopping you from focusing on your work.

Here’s what an answering service can do for you:

Take Calls 24/7

Currently, your landscaping business probably only takes client calls during regular working hours. If you don’t have a dedicated receptionist, you might be taking calls whenever you get a moment to look at your phone. 

When you hire a phone answering service, you’ll have a team of professional receptionists who take calls day and night. Being able to connect with clients 24/7 is the easiest way to get more customers and increase your business’s revenue.

Schedule Appointments

Call answering companies can also set appointments with new clients. They’ll also update your schedule to make sure you don’t run into any conflicts. Answering specialists can inform customers about your prices and answer any questions they have about your services.

Connect With Clients

Advising customers about the best time of year to get landscaping done will be easier than ever with an answering service. The specialists at an answering company can provide information and updates to your customers through email, SMS texts, and phone calls.

Once you partner with an answering company, you’ll be completely connected with your customer base. If they have an upcoming appointment, your virtual receptionist can advise them through text, email, or phone.

Give You More Time to Focus on Your Work

When you hire an answering service, they’ll take a massive amount of customer service and scheduling work off your plate. With all that extra time and energy, you’ll be able to commit to your craft fully and provide some of the best landscaping work your customers have ever seen.

Cut Employment Costs

According to the average cost of hiring an employee, finding and training a receptionist for your landscaping business can cost you as much as $4,000. When you work with an answering service, you won’t have to spend money on hiring a new employee only to have them quit a few months later.

Partnering with a phone answering company will also help you save money on the salary and benefits you would have had to provide to your in-house receptionist. While there may be a designated best time of the year for landscaping, there’s no time better than the present to hire an answering service. 

The sooner you partner with a phone answering provider, the sooner you’ll start saving money and growing your client base. 

Hire an Answering Service for Your Landscaping Business

Now that you know the best times of the year for landscaping, it’s time to offer the best landscaping services in the industry. To help you improve your customer service, revenue, and your business as a whole, consider working with an answering company.

At Go Answer, we offer a wide variety of answering services, including phone answeringlive web chatemail follow-ups, and SMS updates. Contact us today to learn more about our services, get a free quote, or start a free 30-day trial.