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Home emergencies don't keep a 9-to-5 schedule, and neither do you. Our virtual receptionists and web chat services work with you around the clock.

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Painters, plumbers, and home service providers of all kinds trust Go Answer to handle their customer communications.

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Transform your website into a turbo-powered lead convertor with live web chat that treats new visitors just like old friends, changing them into lifelong, brand-loyal customers.

Protect your business

Web chat is the fastest and most affordable way to provide exceptional customer support. Happy customer, happier business. Simple.

Stay open 24/7/365

Provide instant assurance and real help whenever customers or visitors need it, any time of the day or night. Never lose another lead to an answering machine again.

Provide ease and convenience

Facts don’t lie: 42% of customers prefer web chat over other forms of communication. Our chat service is 100% live, all day, every day. Impress your visitors from day one.

What's a missed call worth to your business?

More than just an answering service, we can handle everything — from scheduling appointments, providing customer service, inputting data directly in your CRM and calendar, connecting clients directly to your phone, and more.

Let us answer the phones while you focus on work

Forget answering machines and robots. They’re yesterday’s tech. Go Answer provides the empathy and human voice that’s crucial when you’re establishing lasting trust between your business and your customers.

Seamless customer experience

Prioritization is key to a smooth-running home service provider. We handle appointment setting, call routing, messages, and even web chat support for your business.

We speak your clients’ language

Never let language barriers get in the way. Our bilingual agents can handle everything for you, effortlessly switching between English or Spanish, should the need arise.

True 24/7/365 support

Our virtual receptionists and web chat services ensure your company is available to leads and clients whenever they need help, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

No answering machines and no robots

Secure more business, establish trust, and provide a level of care that exceeds that of your competitors with a real person at the end of every line.

We don’t like talking about ourselves

But we don’t mind if our customers do.

  • Excellent Company + Affordable

    "We've used a lot of companies in the past to handle our overflow and after-hours, and we've always been disappointed…and then we met 1-888-GO-ANSWER! who is so clearly in a league of their own. They truly became our company – whether it was taking an order over the phone, dealing with customers problems over web-chat…they treated our customers the way we would treat our customers. Thank you for being awesome 1-888-GO-ANSWER!"

    Marle C. | US

  • Highly recommended agents.

    "Our company has been working with Go Answer for a little over a month now. The agents we have working for us are kind, critical thinking, self motivated and hard working individuals. As a company with a lot of incoming calls, it is a relief to know we have dedicated agents ready to take the calls efficiently and effectively. I would highly recommend Go Answer to any business!"

    Sarah D. | US

  • Great Onboarding Process

    "Great onboarding process from start to finish. After researching reception services for days on end and spoken to several agencies, none did an excellent job like Go Answer. Speaking with Andrew L. was easy, fun and lively and provided excellence in communicating their services and answered all my questions. The family culture Go Answer has clicked instantly with our company culture. The team has done a fantastic job helping us get started. A+"

    LHCS | US

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Enhancing efficiency and customer experience: The case for an answering service in your contracting business

Running a contracting business requires effective communication channels to ensure smooth operations and exceptional customer service. One crucial aspect that often gets overlooked is the management of incoming calls. With the growing demands of the industry, contractors are increasingly turning to answering services to handle their communication needs. In this article, we will explore the benefits of utilizing an answering service specifically tailored for contractors. We will delve into the advantages of a contractor answering service, discuss the differences between an answering service and a virtual receptionist, and highlight the processes that can be outsourced to a virtual receptionist, using Go Answer’s services as an example.

The benefits of a contractor answering service

One of the key benefits of a contractor answering service is the ability to provide round-the-clock availability. Contractor emergencies can occur at any time, and missing an important call can result in lost business or dissatisfied customers. By partnering with a professional answering service, contractors can ensure that their clients’ needs are addressed promptly, even during off-hours.

Moreover, an answering service can offer personalized assistance. Trained receptionists can handle initial inquiries, schedule appointments, and even dispatch urgent service calls, allowing contractors to focus on their core tasks without interruptions. This level of professionalism not only enhances customer satisfaction but also improves the overall image of the contracting business.

Outsourcing the answering service also allows contractors to reduce overhead costs. Hiring and training in-house staff can be time-consuming and expensive. By leveraging a remote answering service, contractors can access a team of experienced professionals who are well-versed in handling incoming calls efficiently.

Why do contractors outsource their answering service?

Contractors often outsource their answering service to alleviate the burden of managing communication channels. As their business grows, managing phone calls and inquiries becomes increasingly challenging. By delegating this responsibility to a specialized answering service, contractors can streamline their operations and free up their time to focus on revenue-generating activities.

Additionally, outsourcing offers scalability. During peak periods or when handling multiple projects simultaneously, contractors may experience a surge in incoming calls. With an answering service, they can easily accommodate these fluctuations without compromising the quality of their customer service.

How can an answering service help contractors manage high call volumes during busy periods?

During busy periods, contractors may experience a surge in incoming calls that can overwhelm their in-house staff. An answering service can effectively handle high call volumes by utilizing a team of trained receptionists who are skilled in managing multiple calls simultaneously. By outsourcing their answering service, contractors can ensure that all calls are answered promptly and professionally, minimizing the risk of missed opportunities or dissatisfied customers. Additionally, the answering service can provide overflow support during peak periods, ensuring that contractors never miss important calls, even when their internal resources are stretched thin.

What security measures do answering services implement to protect contractors’ sensitive information?

Answering services understand the importance of maintaining the confidentiality and security of contractors’ sensitive information. Reputable answering service providers, such as Go Answer, employ robust security measures to safeguard data. This includes employing secure communication channels, using encryption technology to protect sensitive information, and implementing strict access controls to ensure that only authorized personnel have access to contractors’ data. Additionally, answering services often have strict internal policies and procedures in place to train their staff on data privacy and confidentiality. Contractors can inquire about the specific security measures implemented by an answering service before partnering with them to ensure their data remains secure.

Can an answering service handle different types of contractor businesses?

Absolutely! An answering service can cater to a wide range of contractor businesses beyond plumbing. Whether you are an electrician, HVAC technician, landscaper, general contractor, or any other type of contractor, the services provided by an answering service can be customized to suit your specific needs. Answering services are adaptable and can handle diverse inquiries, appointment scheduling, emergency dispatching, and other administrative tasks that are common across various contracting industries. When choosing an answering service, it’s essential to select one that specializes in serving contractors to ensure they understand the unique demands and requirements of your specific field.

Here are just a few different types of contractors who could benefit from Go Answer’s virtual receptionist services:


  • Schedule appointments for electrical repairs or installations.
  • Provide basic troubleshooting assistance for electrical issues.
  • Dispatch emergency service calls for power outages or electrical hazards.

HVAC technicians:

  • Schedule maintenance appointments for heating and cooling systems.
  • Assist customers with inquiries about HVAC services and pricing.
  • Coordinate dispatching of technicians for urgent repairs or system failures.


  • Schedule plumbing service appointments for repairs or installations.
  • Provide guidance on temporary solutions for plumbing emergencies.
  • Forward urgent service requests for burst pipes or water leaks.


  • Coordinate appointments for roof inspections and estimates.
  • Answer questions regarding different types of roofing materials.
  • Schedule urgent repairs for leaks or storm damage.


  • Schedule landscaping or lawn maintenance appointments.
  • Assist customers with inquiries about landscape design or irrigation systems.
  • Provide information on seasonal maintenance tips for gardens and lawns.


  • Schedule consultations and estimates for painting projects.
  • Answer questions about paint colors, finishes, and techniques.
  • Coordinate scheduling and logistics for painting jobs.

General contractors:

  • Answer inquiries about home renovation or construction services.
  • Schedule on-site consultations for remodeling projects.
  • Coordinate subcontractor appointments and project timelines.

Flooring installers:

  • Schedule appointments for flooring measurements and estimates.
  • Assist customers in selecting appropriate flooring materials.
  • Coordinate installation schedules and provide updates on progress.

Pest control specialists:

  • Schedule appointments for pest inspections and treatments.
  • Provide guidance on preventive measures and pest identification.
  • Coordinate emergency services for severe infestations.

Fence installers:

  • Schedule appointments for fence measurements and quotes.
  • Assist customers in selecting suitable fence materials and styles.
  • Coordinate installation schedules and address post-installation inquiries.

These are just a few examples, and there are many more types of contractors who can benefit from call answering services. The tasks that virtual receptionists can handle will vary based on the specific needs of each contractor and can be tailored to meet their requirements.

How does outsourcing the answering service contribute to cost savings for contractors?

Outsourcing the answering service can lead to significant cost savings for contractors. Instead of hiring and training in-house receptionists, which can be time-consuming and costly, contractors can leverage the resources of an answering service provider. These providers typically offer flexible pricing models, allowing contractors to pay for services only when they are utilized, rather than bearing the overhead costs of a full-time receptionist. Additionally, outsourcing eliminates the need to invest in expensive phone systems or software, as the answering service provider typically handles all the necessary infrastructure. By leveraging an answering service, contractors can achieve cost efficiency while still ensuring that their communication needs are professionally and efficiently managed.

How can an answering service contribute to better customer service and satisfaction?

An answering service plays a vital role in enhancing customer service and satisfaction for contracting businesses. By providing round-the-clock availability, an answering service ensures that clients can reach a live person and have their needs addressed, even outside regular business hours. This level of responsiveness creates a positive impression and instills confidence in customers. Moreover, professionally trained receptionists can handle inquiries, provide information, and schedule appointments efficiently, offering a seamless and personalized customer experience. Promptly addressing customer concerns and dispatching urgent service calls through the answering service can also significantly improve customer satisfaction and loyalty. By outsourcing their answering service, contractors can focus on delivering quality services while knowing that their customers’ needs are being handled with professionalism and care.

Answering service vs. virtual receptionist: Understanding the difference

While the terms “answering service” and “virtual receptionist” are often used interchangeably, they do have subtle differences. An answering service typically handles a high volume of calls and specializes in call screening, message taking, and basic customer support. On the other hand, a virtual receptionist offers a more comprehensive range of services, including appointment scheduling, call routing, and even lead generation.

Contractors can choose between an answering service or a virtual receptionist based on their specific needs. If the primary objective is to handle a large volume of calls efficiently, an answering service might be the ideal choice. However, if contractors require more extensive administrative support and a personalized touch, a virtual receptionist can cater to those requirements.

What processes can contractors outsource to Go Answer’s virtual receptionists?

Go Answer’s virtual receptionists specialize in serving contractors and understand the unique demands of the industry. With their expertise, contractors can outsource various processes to streamline their operations and enhance customer service.

Appointment scheduling is a common task that virtual receptionists can handle effectively. By providing receptionists with access to contractors’ calendars, they can efficiently manage appointments, send reminders, and handle rescheduling if necessary. This ensures that contractors’ schedules are organized and optimally utilized.

Call screening is another essential process that virtual receptionists excel at. They can filter incoming calls, identify urgent inquiries, and provide relevant information to contractors. This allows contractors to prioritize their responses and address critical issues promptly.

In addition, Go Answer’s virtual receptionists can assist with lead qualification and generation. By following established scripts and gathering relevant information from potential clients, receptionists can help contractors identify promising leads and nurture those relationships for future business opportunities.

Why choose Go Answer to answer calls for your contracting business?

In today’s competitive contracting industry, an answering service has become a valuable asset for businesses seeking to streamline their operations and enhance customer satisfaction. By partnering with a specialized service like Go Answer’s virtual receptionists, contractors can benefit from round-the-clock availability, personalized assistance, and cost-effective solutions. Whether you work in plumbing, HVAC, or any other contracting venture, incorporating an answering service can help contractors focus on their core tasks while ensuring efficient and professional communication with clients.

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