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Great Customer Service On The Phone Can Turn Into Repeat Hvac Business

By John O'Haver

Last modified: February 15, 2023

Building your HVAC business requires you to make a good impression on your clients. Happy and satisfied customers spread positive word of mouth about your business and contact you again when they need additional help. 

Great customer service on the phone can turn into repeat HVAC business, allowing you to grow and expand your company. Working with a professional answering service and call center can put you a step ahead when it comes to communicating with your clients. 

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How Great Customer Service Grows Your HVAC Business 

Offering excellent customer service over the phone can increase the odds of your HVAC customers turning to you again. Customers who call you and speak with a real person often feel more valued, encouraging them to keep working with you. 

Individuals want to get help with HVAC repairs or maintenance immediately. Therefore, providing them with prompt and professional answers to their questions can keep them from looking elsewhere for assistance. 

Positive experiences on the phone help your clients feel listened to and respected, which can give them a better overall experience working with your company. 

What Represents Great Customer Service on the Phone for HVAC Businesses?

Great customer service on the phone can turn into repeat HVAC business, so how do you provide your clients with customer service that goes above and beyond? Customers often report higher levels of satisfaction when they work with a company that:

Is Always Available for Communication  

Availability matters when you operate an HVAC business. Customers feel more positively about businesses they can contact:

  • On weekends
  • During holidays
  • In the middle of the night 

HVAC emergencies don’t wait for standard business hours, so it’s essential that you can provide customer service and support 24/7. Each missed call can represent a missed business opportunity and leave potential customers disappointed in your customer service. 

However, we understand that watching the phones 24/7 can financially strain your HVAC company. In this situation, you may hire an answering service to take care of incoming calls for you. 

Offers Personable and Friendly Care

Excellent customer service involves developing a personal connection with each client that calls your company. Unfortunately, automated messaging services and the voicemail box cannot provide this personal touch. 

Listens to Their Concerns 

Active listening represents an integral part of excellent customer service for HVAC companies. Your clients want to feel like their concerns will be heard and addressed. Representatives at an answering service: 

These practices can help clients feel like they’re receiving the personalized care they want. 

Provides Clear Solutions 

Property owners contact HVAC companies because they need solutions to a problem. For example, they may require repairs, help with maintenance, or assistance installing a new heating and cooling system. 

Therefore, part of excellent customer service involves ensuring your clients know what’s going to happen next and allowing them to feel you have a solution for their problems. Therefore, your representative should end each phone call by ensuring your client knows what will happen next. 

What Customer Service Challenges Do Answering Services Address? 

You can count on great customer service on the phone to turn into repeat HVAC business. Providing excellent customer service can become easier if you recognize pitfalls that leave your clients unsatisfied. 

Many HVAC businesses find it difficult to answer every call, especially calls that come in after-hours or in bunches, which may occur when:

  • You air an ad on the radio or television 
  • People get off work and realize they have a problem with their HVAC system
  • Your company first opens for the day 
  • During standard lunch hours as people take care of their business while off work 

If you cannot answer a call, it may go to voicemail. Many customers feel discouraged and frustrated if they cannot speak with a live person when they need help. Instead of leaving a message or calling you back, they may call a different HVAC business. 

This situation can prevent you from getting repeat HVAC business. 

Fortunately, you can address the issue head-on by working with an answering service designed to meet the needs of HVAC companies. 

How Do Answering Services Help You General Repeat HVAC Business? 

Great customer service on the phone can turn into repeat HVAC business, and working with an answering service can help you offer your clients better customer support. Answering services provide attention from real people 24/7/365 to your clients. 

Working with an answering service ensures your clients never get left on hold. Instead, they receive care and attention from representatives who operate off of scripts you give them, ensuring they provide informative answers to client questions. 

Our answering service team focuses on the following:

  • Treating all clients who call us with respect 
  • Listening attentively and providing information about call-back times and even your prices in some cases 
  • Forwarding emergency calls to you for rapid care 
  • Offering bilingual support for HVAC companies 

We strive to offer a seamless experience for HVAC companies and their clients. Find out more with a 30-day risk-free trial. 

Contact Us to Improve Your HVAC Company’s Customer Service 

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