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How An Answering Service Can Help Grow Your Client List

By John O'Haver

Last modified: February 15, 2023

How can an answering service help grow your client list? A professional answering service helps you catch calls, stay in contact with your potential customers, and improve overall customer satisfaction as only a few benefits. 

Our team at Go Answer focuses on serving your business and helping you stand out from the competition. We offer a range of answering services designed to meet your unique needs. 

Learn more about how we can benefit your company by calling or completing our online contact form. 

How Do Answering Services Help You Grow Your Business? 

Answering services handle business calls for small, medium, and large businesses. They take inbound calls, answer questions, help with appointment scheduling, and more. These services can grow your business by:

Letting You Catch All In-Bound Calls 

Missed calls can mean missed leads for any business. Unfortunately, many companies find that they start getting more calls than they can answer as they grow. You can address this issue by working with an answering service to ensure you catch every possible lead. 

Increasing the Satisfaction of Your Customers

Customer satisfaction can lead to repeat purchases and improved word of mouth, which can grow your client list organically. In addition, customers often feel better about their interactions with a business when they can speak to a real person on the phone. 

In fact, studies have shown that customers are more likely to hang up and not call back if they repeatedly get answering machines. Therefore, an answering service can help grow your client list by allowing you to stay in contact with your customers. 

Giving You More Time for Other Duties 

Answering phone calls and dealing with customer calls can take a lot of time from your day. Outsourcing these tasks to an answering service can free up your time, allowing you to focus on your other responsibilities while growing your business and client list. 

Saving You Money 

Hiring receptionists to handle your phones around the clock can significantly increase your payroll costs. Therefore, outsourcing these services to an answering service can help you keep your costs low while bringing in more customers. 

Keeping Your Business Organized 

Delegating tasks in your business can help you stay organized, improving the efficiency of your company. In addition, delegation can save you time, making it easier to manage your business as you continue to grow and take on new clients. 

What Is the Purpose of an Answering Service? 

Answering services step in to answer and make calls for companies around the country. You can often choose specialized services when working with an answering service to grow your client list. 

These services provide a 24/7/365 point of contact for potential and current clients. You can select an answering service that provides the following: 

  • 100% live answering to your clients 
  • HIPAA-compliant services 
  • Bilingual options for callers 
  • Real-time notifications about calls 
  • Access to an Android or iPhone app 

Our team at Go Answer offers a 30-day risk-free trial if you want to see first-hand how an answering service can help grow your client list. 

What Should You Look for in an Answering Service to Grow Your Client List?

Finding the right answering service to handle your needs can help you expand your list of clients. Many experts recommend looking for an answering service with the experience necessary to address the needs of your business. 

You can look for a company that provides the services you want, like bilingual answering, and has a reputation for success in the industry. In addition, some answering services offer outbound services, help with legal intake, and other specialized forms of assistance. 
Check out an answering service that provides a free quote and a risk-free trial to see if the services they offer work for your business. 

Are Answering Services Worth It for Growing Your Client List? 

Answering services provide numerous benefits for your company, making it more than worth setting up the service. In addition to helping you stay in contact with your current and new customers, these services allow you to: 

Keep a Record of Service Calls 

Some answering services maintain recordings of service calls. You can review these calls to review what’s working as far as customer service, letting you provide better care for your potential clients. 

Pre-Qualify Potential Leads 

Answering services can gather information about prospective clients and even help with pre-qualifying leads. In addition, these services help you identify clients with immediate needs, allowing you to decide who you need to get back to immediately.

Depending on the services you select, an answering service representative can even connect a prospective client directly with a sales representative. 

Get Real-Time Information About Leads 

Growing your client list often involves getting back to leads quickly. We can offer you real-time notifications about customers who need urgent attention to close a sale. These services allow you to get back to clients before they contact someone else. 

Close Sales Faster  

An answering service can help you expedite the sales process, thereby growing your client list. The company can direct more leads to your business while giving customers a good impression of your company. 

Customers who receive prompt and professional answers to their questions may be more likely to complete a sale. Learn more about the benefits of an answering service by contacting us. 

Call Us to Grow Your Client List with an Answering Service 

Want to learn more about how an answering service can help grow your client list? Reach out to our team of communication professionals at Go Answer to get the information you want. We’re ready to help clients with small, medium, and large businesses. 

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