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Unlocking Growth: Top Business Coaches and Mastermind Groups for Your Law Firm

By Matt O'Haver

Last modified: March 22, 2024

Law firms seeking growth must leverage external insights alongside internal strategies. Business coaches and mastermind groups offer specialized guidance to enhance various aspects of law firm operations. Below, we explore notable business coaches and mastermind groups that can significantly impact your law firm’s growth trajectory.

The Benefits of Outside Coaching for Law Firms

Fresh Perspectives: External coaches bring new insights and viewpoints, helping law firms identify innovative solutions and strategies they might not have considered.

Specialized Expertise: Coaches often have niche knowledge and experience in areas such as marketing, financial management, and client relations, providing tailored advice that can drive significant improvements.

Enhanced Leadership Skills: Coaches can work with law firm leaders to develop their management and leadership skills, leading to a more motivated and productive team.

Objective Analysis: An outside coach can offer unbiased feedback on the firm’s practices and strategies, helping to identify and rectify inefficiencies or issues.

Accountability: Coaches help set goals and milestones, providing the accountability firms need to stay on track with their growth and development plans.

Improved Client Acquisition and Retention: By refining marketing strategies and client engagement practices, coaches can help law firms attract and retain more clients.

Operational Efficiency: Coaches can assist in streamlining processes and implementing best practices, enhancing the firm’s overall efficiency.

David Ackert, The Ackert Advisory

David Ackert offers coaching through The Ackert Advisory, providing strategic guidance on business development and marketing for law firms. Find out more at


A well-known mastermind group, Atticus offers various programs helping lawyers with practice management, growth strategies, and work-life balance.

Find out more at

Jennifer Goddard, Integrity Marketing Solutions

Specializing in digital marketing for law firms, Jennifer Goddard provides coaching on effective online presence and client acquisition strategies.

Find out more at


This mastermind group focuses on bringing together legal professionals to share innovative practices and technology adoption strategies.

Find out more at

Steve Fretzin, Fretzin, Inc.

Steve Fretzin provides coaching on sales and business development, helping lawyers grow their practices through effective client acquisition techniques.

Find out more at

Nora Riva Bergman, Real Life Practice

Nora Riva Bergman offers guidance on efficiency, productivity, and stress management for lawyers, enhancing overall firm performance.

Find out more at

Lawyers Associated Worldwide

A global network of law firms, providing members with opportunities to collaborate, share knowledge, and grow their practices.

Find out more at

Gary Mitchell, OnTrac® Coach

Gary Mitchell focuses on business growth for law firms, offering strategies on marketing, leadership, and firm management.

Find out more at

Susan Letterman White, Letterman White Consulting

Susan offers coaching in leadership, team development, and organizational change for law firms, helping them to innovate and grow.

Find out more at

Camille Stell, Lawyers Mutual Consulting & Services

Camille provides guidance on retirement and succession planning, career development, and law firm business trends.

Find out more at

Enhancing Your Growth Journey with Go Answer

While individual coaching and mastermind groups offer tailored strategies and community support, integrating these insights with comprehensive support services can significantly amplify your firm’s growth. Go Answer, a leading provider of legal intake support services, offers a suite of solutions designed to complement the strategic advice from your chosen coaches and groups.

From 24/7 answering services to ensure you never miss a client call, to virtual receptionist services that provide a professional first impression, Go Answer extends your firm’s capabilities. Our legal intake services streamline client onboarding, while our customized communication solutions maintain client engagement and satisfaction. By partnering with Go Answer, your law firm can maximize the benefits of business coaching, driving sustainable growth and success.

Embark on a transformative growth journey with the right mix of external expertise and robust support services. Whether you’re leveraging the insights of a business coach, the collective wisdom of a mastermind group, or the comprehensive support of Go Answer, your law firm is poised for unprecedented growth and success.

Give us a call today and find out why hundreds of law firms choose Go Answer.